Friday, March 7, 2008

Six absolutely RIVETING things about me...

I got tagged twice for this game by Penny and Christine , so guess I'll give this one more try lol. We played a version of this in the Color Chronicles and I failed miserably at it , but I'll give it another whirl lol. On the bright side I just figured out how to make a link - whoohoo! But there's a dark side too - most everyone I know has already played lol , so I'm not quite sure who my 'six' are going to be!

Here are the rules:1. Link to the person that tagged you - 2. Post the rules on your blog - 3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself - 4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs - 5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their site.

Here goes -

1) I cannot cook in a messy kitchen - it gets cleaned first , I clean and tidy as I work , but I never do the dishes after dinner lol. I waddle right off to bed and some mindless tv.

2)I cannot have "just one" drink , nor can I drink alone. Just one puts me to sleep and/or gives me a headache , but a whole bunch keeps me entertained for hours lol. *cheezy grin*
(Edit from much , much later on 4/3: I meant with people , not alone , lol. whoops.)

I was "reminded" of this yesterday. My gf had a complete meltdown and being the good friend I am , I got in the car and brought her chocolate salt and booze, in no particular order. And then spent a few hours agreeing that everyone she'd come in contact with that day was a rotten human being. We left the baby out of it , but personally I think the lack of sleep for a couple of years may have driven this conversation lol. I had one Jack and coke and spent the rest of the day feeling like crap.

3) I cannot sleep in an unmade-feeling bed. If the covers have shifted too far to the left , or one has slid down and the other is still where it's supposed to be , I can feel it and it drives me nuts. I have often re-made the bed with my husband still in it. He doesn't care.

4) I don't like any of my magazines or books ripped , torn , or wrinkled. It irritates me immensely. I save them , and Most of them are pristine - but some of them have been desecrated and I was Not happy about it. Big no-no.

5)I rarely bake , but I like bakeware. If it has a design or you can put it in a mold it interests me. But actually using it for food is rare lol. . .it was news to my son that cake was even an option on any day other than your birthday , and the day he figured it out was Red Letter baby - my gf helped him out there. She likes to bake - I like to make soup. I love soups and stews - partially because that means in the near future , I don't have to cook dinner. - Right on. I think we can all agree that the end of the day is really No time to have to make dinner on top of everything else. Who wants to do that. . .

6) I enjoy working out. I hate starting , but once I'm there I'm in the zone , particularly with weight training although even aerobics I now find fun (if I get to do a lot of jumping and hoppage). (but I detest dance videos). When I train , I concentrate so fiercely on form and function it drives everything else away - all the stress gets pushed OUT. Go ahead , laugh - this has saved the life of more than one child. Training to music is out though , because I listen to the lyrics and lose count. :)

(tip - when I train I do it circuit style one set per exercise for a total of however many sets you're going to do. Speeds things up so you don't have to stop and wait for one set of muscles to recover before using them again - you just keep moving along.)

I obviously have a hard time sticking to the subject , so everybody else gets to list like O say - I dunno , more than six. Whatever , lol - and the nominees ARE -



joyce said...

thanks for picking me! i'm never very good at these kind of things, but will try to think something up over the weekend.

Lori said...

thanks for NOT picking me...LOL!!! i enjoy reading everyone's lists but DO NOT like compiling my own:)

Alphaneenee said...

Thanks Kim for tagging me. It will make me stop and think about myself. haven't done that in awhile. I can make the list for everyone in my family though.

Kim said...

Well ladies , give yourself time and you'll come up with something. I had to think about it a while too!
Lori , you're welcome - I remembered you muttering something to that effect last time you played a game! I still can't believe what you did with that doll!

Cynthia Couch said...

Kim, what can I say. I like you. I've been realizing this ever since you joined Paper Traders. Your comments never fall to amused me...immensely. Having said all that, you may never come to my house. The kitchen is a mess, the bed is unmade and desecrated magazines lurk everywhere. I feel the way you do about these things, but let's just say that a lack of will to do anything about it has overpowered me.

Anyway, please do keep posting here and at PT for you keep me highly entertained.


Cynthia Couch said...

Oh and please be so kind as to ignore my typographical errors. I'm too tired to do that correctly too.

rebecca woodward said...

Hey Kim, just want you to know I AM thinking about you and trying to get time to oblige with the 6 things request. I've never done anything like this before...and how in the heck do I link to your blog? Just put a link in my post back to this one?

Stay cool girlfriend...