Friday, May 22, 2009

An angel for me , this time. .

And the photo that didn't quite make it:

Yes , the day baby Jesus went cross-eyed - I was there.

It has not been a stellar picture-taking day , since neither my light or my camera are cooperating with me. But I hope you guys have a great Memorial Day weekend , and I'll take another stab at loading some more photo's for you later!

p.s. I discovered a slightly better shot and replaced the first - it's still not great , but it's definitely not as blurry. Don't you just love that focal? I do , and I can say that because I got it from Etsy , lol. I loved that thing and just had to have it. And eventually , I even made a necklace for it. Twice , if anyone's counting. (the first one just didn't do it for me).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some days really are better than others. . .

Pretty , no? I thought I'd post some pics today of what I've been working on , and I swear I meant to include some finished bits when I say that but AGAIN my camera battery died - are they that bad , do you think? I have some other vintage beads I've discovered , but that little bronze string of English rough-cuts is the only one I haven't gotten around to un-stringing yet. I loved them , though. There are some downright gorgeous beads buried in this pile you can't even see - I should have photo'd fewer , but c'est la vie.

This laid back guy will be keeping me company while I put these away:

People who think cats are graceful , neat and clean just haven't had cats. He's just a step to the left of some guy watching football in his underwear , isn't he?

Maybe that's why my camera won't come out and play anymore , lol.

Well I'm going to either put these away or take a nap , and I'm kind of leaning towards the nap. I am a very sleepy girl today , for no good reason. Slept like a rock last night but staying vertical today has been challenging!

yeah , I think it's going to be a nap. . .*yawn*.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mothers Day , Ladies

Thursday, May 7, 2009

And the House gets A(nother) Raise. . .

While our President has asked for a sweeping one (1) million dollars to be ruthlessly shaved from the entirety of the Federal offices budget , and for .00027% of 'real money' cuts out of the 3.4 trillion dollar budget - in all things , there must be balance.


The House has requested a $90 million - that would be 15% - increase in the House budgets , because it's an 'election year'.

Read all about that here. It's quite interesting.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a tiny treasure to share. . .

mmmm , brand new bébé toes! just a hint of more to come. . .

may I introduce my newest niece , Sophia Grace - isn't she beautiful?! you have Tim and Jenni to thank for providing this adorable thing for our viewing enjoyment on April 8 - she arrived weighing a whopping 6lbs. and 11 ounces , and she's all of 20 inches long.

do you remember how tiny your baby seemed when first placed in your arms? all the clothes you brought that seemed like they might really be for a doll - but then your baby fell into a leg and completely disappeared , lol?

I know Sophie's in good hands , but can't help wishing all of them were mine , *s*. Of course if they were , all photo's of our new baby girl would have been hidden behind my lips all over baby girl's little self lol.

She's beautiful , Jen - give her my love , and Tim and Naomi too.

Then go take a nap :)

And then after that send more pictures :)