Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On this Christmas Eve ,

We wish you All a Wonderful and Most Merry Christmas , filled with all of the very best things - family and friends , good health , good food and happiness.

Peace ,

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ya Know.

I'm going to take just a second to share here. I think it's just Wrong to do a search with the word 'vintage' , and get 1,477 pages of items from the 70's. There is a difference between 'vintage' and 'retro' and what's more I was around for the 70's - they weren't that great the first time. I vividly remember that jumpsuit. It is burned into my brain , and one of the very few things that make banging my head against a wall to get it OUT sound almost appealing.
That's all I'm going to say.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I would like to give Lesley a heartfelt thank you for featuring my blog on hers yesterday. She said some truly wonderful things , but what really touched me was her generosity of spirit. She has spent a considerable amount of time looking for and sharing various art blogs and Etsy sites with her readers , while overcoming challenges of her own - 'to step outside myself and be giving to others' was how she phrased it. So rather than saying 'thank you for featuring me on your blog' , I'd like to say 'thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us'. It's not every day that someone just reaches out and gives a gift , but it is very much appreciated.

I know when to count my blessings *S*.

Lesley , by the by , is a talented artist herself , which you probably already knew - but if you haven't seen her work , please click right here. I can prove it , lol.

The little postcard is for you to play with if you'd like to. And they're Boys - a bit harder to find than girls , at least for me!

Enjoy , and Merry Christmas everyone.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gonna find out who's Naughty or Nice. . .

So I stopped by Lesley's blog Flatwoods Folkart this morning , and she has this very nifty feature called Monday's Musings - she hunts down particularly cool Etsy shops , apparently just for me *shamefaced grin*. She may have found a few you might like too , so check her blog out yourself. Of course if you don't , that just means more for ME lol (do I sound acquisitve? because I'm feeling acquistive let me tell ya lol). Now several of these shops were already on my radar , but there were a couple I'd missed and they were reallly cooool. . .

From Deciduous Soul Love this - can't think of much it wouldn't look fabulous on...

Love this too , found it at Bayou Salvage. Lace is Good. More is Better.

From A Joy To Be Held , soon to be hanging on my old door. . .

from Funkyshique a sweet little hanger for oh pretty much anywhere. . .

From Savage Salvage - this is going to live on my charoal tweed coat this year.

Also from Funkyshique , and also matches my coat lol. . .

Ladies , there's lots more left at these shops so DO go check them out - and stop by Lesley's blog to say thank you for hunting them down for us too , would you?

p.s. honey if you're reading this I didn't spend any money it was all free. luv you.

edit: shortly after posting this I received an email from my husband -

"Hey You,

As I was perusing your blog today I found this little tidbit:
“p.s. honey if you're reading this I didn't spend any money it was all free. luv you.”
Thanks ….. free is nice. ;)


lol. he's so cute when he believes me ;o)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh , sweet stuff here. . .

The Quill Cottage has written up several tutorials on some wonderful little ornaments and packaging for our Christmas tree's - please follow the link and see all the goodness she's shared! I love ornaments like this - I don't know if anyone knows this , but I really love vintage flavor - and these ornaments were exactly what I wanted to add to my tree.
One must have new ornaments every year , you know.

Merry Christmas to me , Merry Christmas to me la lala lala. . .


It is December 3rd , my house is decorated , and I've completed my first gift. This , my friends , is a personal best.

It was A Very Good Day...
and yes I was a big Zelda fan , for A Very Long Time.

Everybody getting in the spirit?