Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fly Away Home

Good morning all - it's been a busy few weeks and it really seems a long time since I've posted , but I have been playing at the art table as I could. I kept thinking I 'should' post and at least share what I'd been up to for whatever reason , but I really haven't had much to say! I just kept going blank , so I skipped it. It's been spring break for the Boy , and our days have been full of checkers and Go Fish and sleepovers and LOTS of conversation - which may account for my brain damage when it came to posting lol.

Anyway , I felt in the mood for a change of pace with this one. I've always loved what I call 'birdy art' and wanted to make some , and I wanted to have fun - you know , get in touch with my inner child *grin*. The bit's came together quite handily - the back ground was just a BEAR. I screwed that thing up so many times I've lost count now lol. Started off with a beauty - all soft and eggy colored , little splatter of this and a splash of that - then I stamped it and that was ok - but then I went to put a coat of varnish on and smeared every one of them! So back to painting I went , played around with some other 'looks' which were kind of nice but not with these colors and rubbed it right back off with a baby wipe (love those). Do you see the pink ring around the perimeter? That's a remnant - I left it cause I thought it looked kinda cool. As an accent - as a solid 'frame' around the piece it made my eyes tear up lol. Wow - I was seeing spots , lol. I never did get that soft blend again I'd made , but maybe next time. I would like to make some softer pieces , but there's 'soft' and then there's 'yawn' , and I kept making 'yawn' after that first one. Just blah - too washed out for me. I imagine I would have pulled it off eventually if I'd kept at it but - did I mention it was spring break? I may have lost a bit of focus somewhere along the line. (blame the child , that'll work yeah yeah. . .) My bit's have just enough color to carry them against that bg , but they were made with the original in mind and I do wish I hadn't killed it - but O well.

Oh - see the thumbtacks? Aren't they pretty?! I found them at Office Depot last month and snatched them - they come in such pretty colors I highly recommend you all go get some! AND - easy to clip , might I add. I drove them right through , then pulled them out and snipped of the tips - piece o'cake. Unlike some. I got a bobby pin once and winching the little butterfly off that little sucker was next to impossible - turned out it was sprung steel. The butterfly was about 3 mm's - I bruised my palm trying and then turned it over to my husband , the big-hands man (HUGE hands , I can't lace my fingers through when we hold hands). And it took him a while lol. Belligerent butterflies will be the death of us all , mark my words. You know how they are when they cop a 'tude , you just can't do a thing with them.