Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fly Away Home

Good morning all - it's been a busy few weeks and it really seems a long time since I've posted , but I have been playing at the art table as I could. I kept thinking I 'should' post and at least share what I'd been up to for whatever reason , but I really haven't had much to say! I just kept going blank , so I skipped it. It's been spring break for the Boy , and our days have been full of checkers and Go Fish and sleepovers and LOTS of conversation - which may account for my brain damage when it came to posting lol.

Anyway , I felt in the mood for a change of pace with this one. I've always loved what I call 'birdy art' and wanted to make some , and I wanted to have fun - you know , get in touch with my inner child *grin*. The bit's came together quite handily - the back ground was just a BEAR. I screwed that thing up so many times I've lost count now lol. Started off with a beauty - all soft and eggy colored , little splatter of this and a splash of that - then I stamped it and that was ok - but then I went to put a coat of varnish on and smeared every one of them! So back to painting I went , played around with some other 'looks' which were kind of nice but not with these colors and rubbed it right back off with a baby wipe (love those). Do you see the pink ring around the perimeter? That's a remnant - I left it cause I thought it looked kinda cool. As an accent - as a solid 'frame' around the piece it made my eyes tear up lol. Wow - I was seeing spots , lol. I never did get that soft blend again I'd made , but maybe next time. I would like to make some softer pieces , but there's 'soft' and then there's 'yawn' , and I kept making 'yawn' after that first one. Just blah - too washed out for me. I imagine I would have pulled it off eventually if I'd kept at it but - did I mention it was spring break? I may have lost a bit of focus somewhere along the line. (blame the child , that'll work yeah yeah. . .) My bit's have just enough color to carry them against that bg , but they were made with the original in mind and I do wish I hadn't killed it - but O well.

Oh - see the thumbtacks? Aren't they pretty?! I found them at Office Depot last month and snatched them - they come in such pretty colors I highly recommend you all go get some! AND - easy to clip , might I add. I drove them right through , then pulled them out and snipped of the tips - piece o'cake. Unlike some. I got a bobby pin once and winching the little butterfly off that little sucker was next to impossible - turned out it was sprung steel. The butterfly was about 3 mm's - I bruised my palm trying and then turned it over to my husband , the big-hands man (HUGE hands , I can't lace my fingers through when we hold hands). And it took him a while lol. Belligerent butterflies will be the death of us all , mark my words. You know how they are when they cop a 'tude , you just can't do a thing with them.


Viola said...

Oh Kim, this looks so great! The colors and the composition...Absolutely fabulous!! :o)

dEaNa said...

Glad to see you back in blogland. I love this piece.


rebecca woodward said...

Ooh lala, I really like what you did here! It's beautiful!!!

Tami Roth said...

WOW-love this! I visit your blog often as I love your art-thanks so much for sharing your inspiration!

Barbara said...

I wouldn't know where to begin to do something like this. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Beks said...

Kim, this piece is wonderful... love all the textures you've got going here - where did you find that TERRIFIC fence railing in the background? I love that!

Gaby Bee. said...

Beautiful artwork. Love all the little details. You did a great job!

Alphaneenee said...

Kim, this is a beautiful piece and in such happy springy colors. Love the little bird sitting under the umbrella too. I love your work it ab fab!
Glad you taught that butterfly who the boss was.

akatrix said...

I could eat this one up! It's so extremely delicious that it makes my mouth water! I can't think of the perfect adjective but it is the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

Sandra Evertson said...

This is beautiful, such soft but vibrant color!
Sandra Evertson

Val Foster said...

This is beautiful. As well as your post before this one. I'm wowed here. Great work!

And BTW, I'm now tagging you, cuz I just got tagged.

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redhead7-Glenda said...

Kim, this is just stunning!! I think this just might be my favorite piece you have ever done....and I love them all. G

peggy gatto said...

Say kim, thanks for coming by my blog! And , I sure WISH I had made these guys...I'd be rich AND FAMOUS!!!!!

dEaNa said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and being such a faithful visitor to my blog. You're right we do have alot in common!! That bloggy stuff is a little complicated at first and it does take me hours to do such a thing but I really enjoy it. The computer is actually my relaxation time, my husband is always saying that it is sad that he is married to a computer LOL!! Have a good one and talk to you soon.

Christy said...

I still don't see why this one isn't considered perfect?? I know you had a softer plan but it is so pretty as it is! I just realized you have some teeny tiny tags on here... is that a punch? A die cut? I NEED to know! LOL