Friday, December 12, 2008

Ya Know.

I'm going to take just a second to share here. I think it's just Wrong to do a search with the word 'vintage' , and get 1,477 pages of items from the 70's. There is a difference between 'vintage' and 'retro' and what's more I was around for the 70's - they weren't that great the first time. I vividly remember that jumpsuit. It is burned into my brain , and one of the very few things that make banging my head against a wall to get it OUT sound almost appealing.
That's all I'm going to say.


Studio Panorama said...

I totally agree!!!

Christy said...

And I was totally trying to find the link for the jumpsuit in this post LOL

theresa martin said...

My cousin's kids were dressing in punk fashion, and I said to him - that's a bit dated, isn't it? Ha! Turns out the 80's are already retro/vintage and I was clueless. Time flies so fast.

Mel said...

retro = pinned pants
vintage = old cabinet cards
LOL!! Too funny that when we were kids vintage was so old and now vintage is when we were kids! Thanks for laugh..


Lori said...

LOL!!! once i found a pair of jordache jeans, that i myself owned at the age of 14...if you don't think that depressed me...think again:)

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

I found you.
You have no idea but YOU have been in the back of my mind FOREVER!!!!
I am always thinkign fo you & so bothered by the fact that YOU said you liked my little broken collage piece & YOU were so kind! I said YOU could have it & play with it & YOU said ok!!! YOU sweetie pie!
I got so busy so much stress, drama, computer hacking, new baby (5 girls total) and no sllep & no mind.... I couldn't find the darn piece & got bumbed, then I found it but couldn't remember whom said that to me. well... I found the flickr image online (I wasn't on flickr) funny. then it lead me to your comment & BINGO here I am.
I LOVE everything you do. ALways have.
YOU are so very kind & such a sweet person to everyone.
Im glad I found you & your blog!
IM going to get this peice to you one day!
I hope you have a happy holiday!
Take care & be safe!
Joelle XO

Linda East said...

Amen...and I really am retro, vintage, funk, steamfunk or whatever...I was born in the 40s, lived in the 50s, had babies in the 60s, found myself in the 70s and got a degree in Art Ed., became an Art Teacher in the 80s and 90s, retired in the 2000s and returned to being a mixed media artist. So life is good and I still feel young...I just dont call RAP, I am linking up to your blog on my blog if you don't mind? It is so great to find new friends and people of like minds...Luv LE

Val Foster said...

Hi Kim. I'm waving at you from Colorado. First of all, thanks so much for visiting my blog and all the kind comments you've left. I so appreciate it.

Secondly, you asked how many frozen pizzas I eat. And you're not the first one who's razzed me about that, LOL. I suppose it looks like ALL I eat are FPs, because I use the cardboard for most of my art.

Well, I was buying an FP approximately every two to three weeks, when they were on sale and a good deal price-wise. But before I started making art, I didn't buy them at all. Once I starting buying them, I discovered some things.

1) They tasted good
2) They were fairly economical
3) They were easy and convenient
4) They provided me with a steady supply of FREE cardboard for my art
5) They are NOT low calorie -- but scratch that one

I saved every box for my art. Plus, I saved my housemate's FP boxes too. I ended up with quite a stash of FPC. But I haven't bought any in several months now, because the price has gone up a lot. And I still have my stash, but when it starts to get low, I'm not sure what I'll do, because I HAVE to have a ready supply of FPC! I may have to start buying them again, unless I can find a substitute for the FPC.

So I hope that answers your question, gf. I should post this on my blog, so I won't get teased about it. Naw, I'd probably still get teased.

Regarding you post about vintage, I agree the 70's weren't great the first time around. I'd never want to revisit that crazy, chaotic era again. Sheesh, I know I'm getting older, but didn't think I was quite "vintage" just yet.

Hugs to you. You have a great blog, I need to visit more often.
Sorry this post is so long....but I didn't have your email address.

Judy said...

I soooo agree - its an argument i have with ETSY often people claiming things are vintage or antique when they are not.

purplepaint said...

Kim - LOL! I hear ya!!! Vintage is much older than the 70s! If the seventies are vintage then I'm almost an antique!

A Fly On The Wall said...

You sound like me talking about the 60's stuff!

I can't believe all the bell-bottoms, kurtas and peasant blouses.

Oh yeah and since when was "beatnik" garb considered a Goth look? LOL!

Love your blog!

Robyn Hawk

lorhen82 said...

Kim, I couldn't agree with you more. The only 70's that's vintage is the 1870's! Thanks for stopping by my blog, fellow Art Angel! It's nice to meet you! I need to check out the rest of your blog now - love the banner! ~Lori