Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a tiny treasure to share. . .

mmmm , brand new bébé toes! just a hint of more to come. . .

may I introduce my newest niece , Sophia Grace - isn't she beautiful?! you have Tim and Jenni to thank for providing this adorable thing for our viewing enjoyment on April 8 - she arrived weighing a whopping 6lbs. and 11 ounces , and she's all of 20 inches long.

do you remember how tiny your baby seemed when first placed in your arms? all the clothes you brought that seemed like they might really be for a doll - but then your baby fell into a leg and completely disappeared , lol?

I know Sophie's in good hands , but can't help wishing all of them were mine , *s*. Of course if they were , all photo's of our new baby girl would have been hidden behind my lips all over baby girl's little self lol.

She's beautiful , Jen - give her my love , and Tim and Naomi too.

Then go take a nap :)

And then after that send more pictures :)


lorhen82 said...

She's so precious!!! ~Lori

Viola said...

What a cutie!! :o)

beth said...

aaah what a darlin baby girl. Hi Sophie, welcome.
Thanks for sharing Kim. My own neice is expecting her 5th child, she has 4 daughters, hoping for a boy.


Linda East said...

OMG Honey...she is just beautiful..I of course love the toe pic..that is so precious...Yes my dear Kim we are truly blessed. Thank you for you sweet comments about my new GGB. We think we will keep her.

Studio Panorama said...

Oh man... LOVE that new baby smell. Got to to get me another one of those sweet bundles. Hmmmm wonder how to do that.....

Sharon said...

So precious. Look at those beautiful little hands. So tiny. Mmm! I also left you a message about the tea parties. I found your blog thru Beth. Sharon

Stephani Gorman said...

How lucky are you to be an auntie! She is sooo little and sweet. My grandson will be a year old in JUNE,how time does fly! Congrats on the new one! :) Stephani

Alette Designs said...

Congrats Auntie!

Babies are so very Beautiful!!!

As I always say Babies are Gods Greatest Gift we all get!

Just wait till you become a Grandma/Nana! It gets even Better too! As with being a Nana/Grandma you get to spoil your Little Love even that Much More!

Again Major Congratulations!

So very Precious!

Congrats Cindy Alette

Lesley said...


She is beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing her photos here.


Gaby Bee said...

Congrats! She is precious!

Gaby xo