Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well. . .hmn.

My blog is at last lighter and brighter , but there's still some sprucing up to do. Plus it does that neat scrolly thing down the middle now - I have no idea why since all I changed was the background , but hey - Cool!

If anyone's looking for a quick and easy blog makeover , head to Banner of Blessings. She's got some of the cutest banners and provides links to other sites and information too , all fo' free! I got my new background from The Background Fairy , which I found there as well. I'm adding both links to the sidebar on the right so we can find them again!

Eventually I'd like to create my own banner and background , but today was again - not that day. It may never be that day at the rate I'm going , but a girl can dream...


Linda East said...

Hey Kim, I miss you and I think this banner is awesome. How is the weather up there? We are getting "Spring" (and I use the term lightly, because we have not had Spring)showers that seem to be more like regular floods, I think of spring showers as a nice little rain once or twice a week, not a down pour once a But I can't complain to much because we need the mositure sooooo bad. Any way can't wait to hear from you and see what you have been up or just incase you have forgotten my email...luv u

Debby said...

Hi Kim,

Your blog is wonderful, full of lots of beauty and whimsy. Giggling about your tea party post, you go girl!

lorhen82 said...

The background you chose is really pretty! Nice job! ~Lori

beth said...

Oh I Like you. It is so refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is(tea party post). Stand tall Kim, every working and non working American should be outraged at the way things are being handled. You said the things I couldn't put into words, thank you.

beth in paso robles, ca.