Friday, January 23, 2009

Modest and Shy was she. . .

In the interests of actually posting something , I thought I'd take a quick photo of a little Valentine's vignette I put together. I love these and make one every once in a while just for fun. I love the semi-permanence , and just change them up when I feel like it. In this one , I used an old photo titled 'Modest and Shy was She' , and I've always loved it , the children are so sweet looking :).
I'm still working on three other projects - one being a Valentines wreath , and the other my first altered tin. Not quite sure how either will turn out , but I promise if they both stink I won't show you lol. The third is a talisman necklace - this somehow germinated from all the words people are choosing to define their goals. A word would have been so much easier *mutter mutter*.
Stay tuned , I may choose one after all.

I really want to do something for OWOH - But. I just found out that we're inheriting an entire set of kitchen cabinets about 4 months ahead of schedule , and I happen to work in my kitchen (yes , it's a complete disaster and about all I can say for it is the dishes do get done before I go to work lol). So , we'll see - what I have in mind is fairly simple , but I've decided if I don't get it done next week , I doubt I'll have the chance. My table - ohh *shoot me now* , the table! It would be bad enough just packing up the kitchen - but alllll the art stuff too - it depresses me to no end , just thinking about it.

I'll be curled up in the fetal position sobbing if anybody wants me.


Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

oh, my gosh, that breaks my heart...........curled up in a fetal position sobbing.

if i knew where you lived and it was close to my mom's (kalamazoo, MI), i would drive right over and help you move your "studio" and we'd get it all set up again and you'd be smiling and dancing the happy dance:)

let me know if you're close.
and, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your "marshmallow" comment about the "i got AWESOME!!" You made me smile.
wasn't that just the best story???

Debra said...

Hey don't worry about it. This is lovely, and wow a new kitchen! It will be worth it.

Sally L. Smith said...

I work at my kitchen table "studio" too and the thought of packing everything up makes my stomach sick. We don't have many visitors and if we do, I limit the number so I don't have to move anything. Ugh!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Lovely vignettes.....
Creating vignettes is one of my favorite things to do!

Zeborah Loray said...

I love the idea of semi-permanent installations. This is a lovely vignette.

I think I will post some of mine on my blog.
Thanks for the idea!

Dorthe said...

Hi, just found your blog, and love what you did here-its so sweet-
See you back at JoAnnAs.

Wish you a happy evening.