Monday, February 2, 2009

Barb at Treasures from The Heart is having her 100th Post Giveaway on her blog and is creating handmade nests as the prizes - who doesn't like a nest?!

Ok , what is going on with Blogspot today? What IS that in my title lol?

edit: a day or so later: I've deleted the title because it refuses to fix itself , and it looks weird. All future posts may well go without too , who knows. I certainly don't!


lorhen82 said...

I bet you didn't know you could write in another language...or whatever that is! ~Lori

Susan E. said...

Glad to see you're still here! Wish I could see what the error was, it sounds interesting :)

Jamie said...

Hey Kim! I hope your printer gets here soon too! Don't worry though because all the photos are neat and ready in my sidebar album when you are ready:) I left you a convo tonight also. I LOVE your Valentine vinette. I do the same thing with antique goodies on my desk. I am always rearranging things so I can look at them while I work. Fun! I love the banner you have on your blog. Where does the old photo graphic come from, do you know? I really dig it:) Love, Jamie