Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 1st , and at LAST I’ve worked out!

Yes Yes YES! I used to be so good about working out , but that part of my daily routine slipped off to the sidelines the more involved I got with Yahoo and art. I think it's difficult for me to have more than one big passion at a time , if that makes any sense to anyone other than myself. Don't get me wrong , I have tried several times to get back into the routine but have been sidelined repeatedly - I get sick , I hurt myself , the kid or the husband is home from work or school for days because of snow - yadda yadda. Building the habit is the hardest part , and I just haven't managed to do it. But my goal for a while now has been finding my way back to Balance in my life and my home. I want it all back , cuz mama ain't happy. Mama's butt is taking up way too much room in her jeans , too. If fat floats , there's a good chance I'd still drown cuz my face is not where I keep it - so take a minute and picture that , if you like.
Yeah , it's not working for me either lol. So , I've whipped out the step and my weights and I'm on it. I still like doing step - I don't care what anybody says , it works well for me and I enjoy my routines. And I like weight training too , and since I'm not aiming for huge muscles or a lifting championship I have zero interest in going to a club to use the machines. You know , the only machine I ever thought was really handy was the calf machine , and I do like the cables for rows. But that's it.
Anyway , it's already 9am , so I'd better get moving and get this done. No matter how ingrained the habit has become , I've NEVER liked the 'getting ready and starting' portion of this lol (whine , whine , whine - o yes I do). Once I'm there I'm ok - making snarky comments to the tv maybe , but I enjoy that *g* - it keeps me entertained.

Stray thought: Who ARE these people that are 'invigorated and refreshed' after a good workout? Wth? I just don't think they're doing it right myself. I'm wet & sweaty , I look like complete crap (you'll notice there are NO PICTURES with this post - you can all thank me later)and I'm ready to sit down for a few minutes , lol. I am not 'invigorated' - I'm Tired. I want a bath. Now.
Nor have I ever once taken off the motorcycle helmet and shaken my perfect hair down around my shoulders. I don't know what's in those helmets , but it's *not* shampoo and a blow dryer.

Someday I'm going to write a 'Things that make you go - Huh?' post.


lorhen82 said...

People always say that once you start exercising, you get to where you love it and crave it. Yeah...right. Hasn't EVER happened to me! I wish it would! ~Lori

Primchick said...

Ahh... the balance of life...? Mmm... it an't easy... all you can do is try & rain it in from time to time.. love the post though... a.. 1..2..3.. over the step...!!lol..

Anonymous said...

You have me inspired to get to the walking I've been trying to do for well, ummm, a while. *S*

You go girl!



Bre said...

Thanks for popping by and for that laugh .......your hubby's sweet gift from the parking lot sale LOL

I liked your post and totally get it about not being able to focus on too much at one time .....I find when it comes to my artwork I get really blocked from the everyday stresses. I've got a painting I should have been working on for the last six months.

When my life is crazy busy (all the time LOL) I get very stifled artwise.

Exercise actually helps me.

Take care and pop by again !


Beckie Holso said...

I'm with you Kim - thanks for telling it the way it is... I love that the most about you =)