Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I swear I'm not trying to turn this into a political blog, but HONESTLY. I swear some of these people are just too stupid to talk. I spend a fair bit of time on cspan watching these folks in action, and researching info on the net because what is happening now politically is very important to me. Big stuff going on. And, I happen to have the time available to do that. Plus, I'm conscious - which is a fact some politicians seem to be betting against. For instance, this one:

I could not BELIEVE this guy had the stones to actually say this to his own constituents at his town meeting. Does he really think they're so dis-interested that they're not paying any attention at all?

(edit: I found a much better vid of the same gentleman, but it does look more like a political tool to me - an accurate tool, but a tool nonetheless. It is here:

I've never heard of this guy, but I think keeping track of him from here on out is pointless. But then again, who knows. Maybe he's our next Barney Frank, too (yayyyyy). Or Waxman. Who btw looks a lot like a vampire bat when the sunlight hits him just right:

But I digress.

I have listened to several proponents of this plan on tv saying things like 'we did NOT rush this bill, we have been debating this subject for the last two years' , or in one case 'the last 59 years'. Really? You have?

Following that line of logic - if you've been working on this for the last two years, and this gem was the cumulative result - why are we still paying you?

Let's imagine we're the CEO's of a business, and we asked our management to outline o lets say a health care plan, because we really, really need one. It takes them two years - or alternatively it takes them until a few weeks before the deadline to really get started on it. It happens, folks. But when they show up at the last meeting, the plan they present blows our business all to hell. And several smaller ones in the neighborhood. It would put us another $750,000,000.00 dollars into the red fairly quickly, and about a(nother) trillion down the road. Give or take, but who's counting. And worst of all, it doesn't address several systemic problems with our current plan.

But it's just the very, very best of the best of the best they could do.

Do we, as CEO's of our company, give them a pat on the back and say O Good WORK boys your efforts are WELL worth what we pay you!

Or do we, as CEO's of our company, begin thinking we might need some new talent?

Are you sure that's the argument you want to make in your defense?

Really, lol?


Lori said...

i contacted my state representatives after your last post and told them exactly what i thought about government run health care...not ALL of "america's nurses" are in support of this farce!!!

Jen Crossley said...

Oh KIm separated at birth its to funny

Kim said...

Good for you Lori. My sis works at the hospital too, doesn't seem much impressed with any of this.

Anonymous said...

omg, that pic of waxman is too much. I am crying. lol. I saw a video of Nancy Pelosi talking about her puppet Russ... they were laughing at her, too. What a moron.

Luv u -

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh gosh, I am rolling on the floor with laughter at this post, waxman pic is too good,,you go girl, I'm with you 110%. Makes me want to do political art. I am thinking of putting pelosi in a jar,,,calling it "Pickled Pelosi",,I have other thoughts I am less proud of. Like getting her in a room alone. It just all pisses me off, they all need to be fired....dont get me started on the czars,,,dang.
Keep writing! Your good!

Karsyn Barnett said...

Well said! Fire them all!!!