Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thought I'd share a few glimpses of something I've been working on , and a peek at a few goodies that came in the mail from a friend recently. Thank you , Lesley! I'm looking forward to using the drops soon , and yes I *really do* like my little saucer. I love those things - candles , soaps , trinkets , bead containment while I'm working - they're always being used somewhere.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Mystery of Life revealed - more or less. . .

This is a conversation between my son Brady and his friend Degan - not quite sure if that's the way Degan's name is normally spelled , but for our purposes , it will do.

Brady asked "You don't believe in God?"

"No , I think God's fake." Degan informed him.

"Well , where do you think we come from then?"

"We came from mice" opined young Degan.

(Brady's mother starts to grin)

"So you think people came from MICE?' Brady asks , somewhat startled. It was obviously a theory he hadn't considered before.

"No , the mice had gorilla's and then they had humans" , Degan informs him.

(Brady's mom lights a mental candle for all the mice that ended so abruptly , sacrificing selflessly for the Cause)

"Well where did the mice come from then?" Brady asks.

"No one knows. . ." says Degan , very mysteriously.

And then they went to play basketball.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 1st , and at LAST I’ve worked out!

Yes Yes YES! I used to be so good about working out , but that part of my daily routine slipped off to the sidelines the more involved I got with Yahoo and art. I think it's difficult for me to have more than one big passion at a time , if that makes any sense to anyone other than myself. Don't get me wrong , I have tried several times to get back into the routine but have been sidelined repeatedly - I get sick , I hurt myself , the kid or the husband is home from work or school for days because of snow - yadda yadda. Building the habit is the hardest part , and I just haven't managed to do it. But my goal for a while now has been finding my way back to Balance in my life and my home. I want it all back , cuz mama ain't happy. Mama's butt is taking up way too much room in her jeans , too. If fat floats , there's a good chance I'd still drown cuz my face is not where I keep it - so take a minute and picture that , if you like.
Yeah , it's not working for me either lol. So , I've whipped out the step and my weights and I'm on it. I still like doing step - I don't care what anybody says , it works well for me and I enjoy my routines. And I like weight training too , and since I'm not aiming for huge muscles or a lifting championship I have zero interest in going to a club to use the machines. You know , the only machine I ever thought was really handy was the calf machine , and I do like the cables for rows. But that's it.
Anyway , it's already 9am , so I'd better get moving and get this done. No matter how ingrained the habit has become , I've NEVER liked the 'getting ready and starting' portion of this lol (whine , whine , whine - o yes I do). Once I'm there I'm ok - making snarky comments to the tv maybe , but I enjoy that *g* - it keeps me entertained.

Stray thought: Who ARE these people that are 'invigorated and refreshed' after a good workout? Wth? I just don't think they're doing it right myself. I'm wet & sweaty , I look like complete crap (you'll notice there are NO PICTURES with this post - you can all thank me later)and I'm ready to sit down for a few minutes , lol. I am not 'invigorated' - I'm Tired. I want a bath. Now.
Nor have I ever once taken off the motorcycle helmet and shaken my perfect hair down around my shoulders. I don't know what's in those helmets , but it's *not* shampoo and a blow dryer.

Someday I'm going to write a 'Things that make you go - Huh?' post.