Friday, January 18, 2008

Gone Fishin'

I think I'm done...I've been working on this piece for the last few days , tweaking it one way or another. The fairie shoes were some I had done a couple weeks ago , inspired by some done in 'Stitch' magazine.

Eileen had originally found them and gave us a heads-up over at our Yahoo group , The Latest Trends in Mixed Media. I loved them and wanted to make some. I made mine with left-over gift wrap and odds'n'ends - millinery , fibers , beads etc. I have yet to get the magazine , darn it - this weekend for SURE.

Giving them a home took me a while , lol. What I eventually did is different than what I would have liked , but it will have to do (for now). I used an old bookcover and layered it with papers , paints and water-soluble crayons , added a nice stick :) , and made a little sign for the 'door'. I know , you didn't realize you were looking at a door , did you?
One of my 'issues' is over-analyzing and I'm trying to mellow out a little - I was moderately successful with this. I added text I liked , without sweating whether or not it was 'perfect' or not. I did fixate on the colors. I suspect I always will , color is a big deal for me and I'm sure most of you too. I don't think there's a thing on this I haven't messed around with painting , glazing or tinting , including the fibers which I'm still not happy with. I need better fibers - I've got a boatload and I don't like most of them lol.

Laura , when you look at this , do you see my smile?


Inka said...

The fairy shoes are to die for girl! I would be careful if I were you …as soon as your not lookin … some little fairy might just fairynap them … and OMG the canvas! It is brilliant! You muse must be so proud :

eve crowe said...

This is wonderful!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

I am in love with this art piece Kim...just beautiful and so unique!! joanna

The Colourguru said...

kim these are such exquisite little shoes - if only they fitted me! LOL!!

Judy K said...

Kim!!! I LOVE your fairy shoes! You did an awesome job and they look perfect in the piece you made!
Well done!
*clap clap clap*


Eileen said...

Kim, I finally got to see your fairy, wow, wow. They are wonderful. I think my fairy is going to come over here and see if they fit. The work you did is unreal....And all I did was glue them on a few pieces of paper and then slap it it on a canvas. Please tell how you did it. Each and every step.........again wonderful!!!!!!

R2artstudio said...

Kim, you did such wonderful work on this piece. The shoes are great, and the colors, and embellishments. I could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

What a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL piece of art!!!! I LOVE it so much!

Karen xxoo