Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well , it's been a long , busy day. We drove up to my parents house and visited for a while , and dropped of some late Christmas presents for them , my sister , and my niece. My little family came down with the flu virtually ON Christmas , and my loving parents did not want it - hence the late gifting , lol. My sister had left gifts for us which were a big hit. My dad played quietly in the corner w/Brady's (my son) toy for quite a while , giggle. It's a nifty little thing I admit - you think of something , and it asks questions of you til it figures it out - and it's pretty smart! I got an art book I'd wanted , which was a HUGE surprise because I didn't even know I wanted it until last week - my sis is good , tell ya what. Spooky , kinda , but good. ;-D

My other gift was even cooler though - I got a small and beautifully soldered glass box , with a bit of blue-green dichroic for the base and walls of this beautiful old-looking wavy glass (which I MUST have) , all held together with a pretty curled wire and glass beads - I LOVE IT! I'm so proud of her artsy little self , I had no idea lol. Thank you SO MUCH Suzie Q! I will post pictures shortly after I get 'round to taking them - probably in the next day or so. I've got some other things to photo and thought I'd just take them all at once. S'not my fav thing to do. Shocking , I know...

Hmn. It's just dawned on me I don't know how to add a photo to a post. Perhaps I should check into that , lol.

Ah - turns out it's not that dificult. Thank goodness - if it was too technical I'd just never get it - took me 10 minutes to figure out how to edit a saved draft.

Off to baste this turkey and have a lovely late dinner - I made this whole thing just so we could have 'real' turkey sandwiches and a salad tonight - yum!

Bye guys!


Barb AKA LuvsTopDown said...

I like your Blog Kim - very pretty colors - now you have to post some of your work. It's really easy with the editing buttons, if I can do it anyone can, trust me. Your turkey sounds delicious. We had the flu this last week too, so we didn't feel that great plus I have physical limitations from a disability which keeps me from many things I want to do, frustrates me to no end! But heh, I have art! That makes me happy, your dinner sounds delicious and I have a small turkey in the freezer and I think I will go take it out now and defrost it as my hubby is off tomorrow and I didn't hardly cook at all this week for him cause I was not feeling well. Turkey sandwichs sound great to me, thanks for the idea! Your new friend, Barb in Sacramento

Debby said...

Kim your blog is great. Welcome to the land of blogging.


sue said...

Good looking blog! I'm off to add you as a link on mine right now!

Alphaneenee said...

Kim, love your blog. Your banner is beautiful. I would love to see the little glass house your sister made. Sounds wonderful. I will add your link onto my blog

Carol said...

Kim, I love the pictures on your blog and look forward to seeing more. I'm a new blogger too and wasted a lot of time worrying about what I could do instead of just doing it. Carol