Friday, June 13, 2008

Ooh -

I was just perusing my Google Reader - boy has it been a while , that is a Very long list now - and found that Dawn at The Feathered Nest has re-purposed something my mother used to do! Mom used to make beaded ornaments for Christmas , she'd buy all kinds of beautiful beads , put a pin through and insert them into fabric covered styrofoam balls. They were absolutely dazzling to my young eyes hung about the house on ribbons , and I still have many of the old pearls , rhinestones and beads she used in my stash. Which I hoard - if it was mom's , it stays here lol.

Anyway , go check out Dawns blog , and see what she's done - it's pretty cute and she's got a lot of other wonderful things to see too.
I'm including a scan of one of my Rewards of Merit for you to use , if you'd like. I don't have many of them , but some were really lovely and awarded to deserving young children who had done well in their studies. I picked this one up a few years ago - enjoy!


The Feathered Nest said...

Thanks Kim!!!! You sweetie pie! I love it when I have an AHA! moment...people have been doing this for ages I'm sure with the pins and beads but I'm just so very glad that I figured it out when I needed the custom push pins! Thank you so much for the artwork ~ YOU KNOW that I love it!! Have a wonderful weekend :)xxoo, Dawn

Lori said...

great image, thanks for sharing!!! my sister used to make those ornaments with the foam ball and jeweled pins too!!!

Judy said...

Thank so much Kim - very generous of you.