Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Own It

Someone just asked me if something 'had happened' because of my post below and my answer was no , but that's not true. A lot of things have happened in the past weeks , both in my life and in my good friends life as well. Some of them have been really wonderful , but recently there have been some very hard things we've had to deal with too. They've been shattering , and scary , and overwhelming - I think that's why I connected to that quote so much as I was looking through my little collection today. So if anyone else is going through their own season of change , I hope that when you read it you draw the strength to step up and deal no matter how frightened or reluctant you feel. There are times when we all have to face things we don't expect or want to - my wish for all of you is to follow your heart and fight for the things in your life that are important. Know that you're not the only one that has had to make a painful choice or fight an uphill battle , regardless of how lonely it may be at times.
I love what Teddy had to say , and it comforted me. It reminds us that it isn't all about the deed , or having a perfect and blemish-free life. It's about living. It's about growing stronger by digging deep for your courage , accepting your failures because tomorrow your decision would be the same , making choices that terrify you because you know they're right , and knowing that at the end of the day no matter the sacrifice , the people you love will benefit greatly. You only get one life , and you've got to run it like you own it. Because you do own it.
But thank God for the friends that get us through the tears and back to our feet and then walk shoulder to shoulder with us when we're limping a bit. They lend their strength when ours fails - Teddy didn't mention them , but we all know how invaluable they are.
Semper fi , baby.


Lori said...

i am sorry you are going through a rough patch!!! hang in there:)

Toni said...

This post was two days ago and I pray that by now your situation is a bit clearer. This to shall pass and have faith in yourself, trust your intuition for you are always being guided.

Diane said...

I understand!I recently lost my mother and I am still grieving for her, soon will be her burial, she died when we had snow and we could not do it then, now its warm and its time to put her down next to my father,my heart is so heavy.Its comforting to read words that warm your heart.I wish you the best.

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Christy said...

ok, I admit I am a little dense so I've no idea what is going on. That doesn't really matter though as whatever it is I support you and will fight for you or be there for you! If you need anything please just let me know.

Mary S Hunt said...

What ever the "issues" were you were going through, I hope they are in a more resolved state. "owning" our emotions and having the strength to muddle through the situations we are the 'living' portion of life. You have a good handle on the equation, hence I am sure a good head on your shoulders.
I think you are fairly young yet in life? That you ARE thinking this way (the ways you describe to us)is so very encouraging to me. Because, from what I am noticing of the younger generations..the many below my generation...oh and MY generation included! they seem to be having issues "owning" the situation and wanting this blemish free existence...they aren't living in other words...they are existing and sucking up oxygen.
I enjoy coming back to your blog...the posts have interesting pieces of work and you share your ARE living honey.
thank you for sharing and hang in there...for every "down" there arrives an "up".