Friday, September 5, 2008

'Allo , ladies!

Anybody else love school? I do. I love it a LOT. And so much more now that I'm not the one that has to go lol. The silence here was so resounding both my ears were actually ringing that first day. No games , no tv , no gang of eight-year-olds wearing bandannas around their heads while they made less than lovely music to that horrible hideous horrible game , Rock Band. It's been a wonderful summer , but man - silence really is golden and there has been very little of it 'round here , my friends.

I have managed to get some art time in though - every spare second I've had has been spent learning how to create jewelry , and this piece above is a necklace I did last Sunday , made with coral and tiger iron (lovely little stone). The bad news is this is all I can show you - the good new is that's because the other pieces will be in an upcoming book on jewelry , slated to be pub'd next fall!
I'm still somewhere between happy and horrified - but doing better than the panic attacks I had when I was first asked to participate , lol. "How optimistic of you" , thought I to myself."And here I was just hoping it wouldn't disintegrate if I blew on it. You're sure you'd like me to submit for your book?"

Ah well. It's a story with a happy ending , although there was some frustration there in the middle a couple of times. :) I was flattered to be asked and proud to be included , and along the way I've discovered just how much I enjoy making jewelry. I'm still developing my skills, but I've got some very cool idea's I'd like to work on so you can expect to see plenty more pieces as I move along.

Later babes - I'm off to feed the masses. But tomorrow my boys will both be gone for the day and I can play again. I think , lol.


Christy said...

Huh! So jewels and fame are the reason you dumped me. LOL

Congrats on not only learning to create beautiful jewelry but for being asked to publish so soon. You rock!

Zeborah Loray said...

Great necklace!
Congrats on the book submissions.

Mary S Hunt said...

scarry and fun
what a combo

piece is lovely too

Cindy said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I think you have found another niche' for yourself. Keep creating these beautiful pieces, you have a natural talent!

Sharon House said...

YAY! for you Kim! Congratulations on your piece being accepted for publication.


P.S. Your necklace is scrumptious! When you don't want it anymore, you can send it to me. LOL

Karen Owen said...

This is beautiful! Love the colors of those stones.

christine said...

This is really beautiful, Kim !! :)

Kim said...

Oh Kim, it's really beautiful! I am just drooling, sloppily even! You go girl!

akatrix said...

I left a comment on another part of your blog that your kids were adorable....then I went back and realized "kids" should have been "kid"....sorry about that. Anyway, he is (adorable)!!! Love your jewelry!