Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gemstone , anyone?

I thought I'd share a site I enjoy shopping - you can find it here , at Magpie Gemstones.
It's owned by a woman who goes by the name of Szarka , a name I've never forgotten even once, and I'm reeeeeally bad at remembering names lol.

Her name made me think of caravans and firelight - it sounds very Romany to me.'Magpie' makes me think of, well, magpies. There's more than a few in my family tree, believe me. As it turns out , she and her husband really were gypsy's for quite a while - they used to travel their own circuit of gemshows and lived on the road for several years, so I was right. Instink, as my friend Eddy would say.

I found my coral and tiger iron there, but she's got tons more and consequently, so do I lol. Laugh or cry, what to do what to do...anyway, she tries very hard to bring home only the best for her customers to select from and she does a pretty darn good job. Yes I do know her and no I'm not getting paid to send anyone over (darnit) - but hey. If you're looking , drop in and see what's available. She's knowledgeable about her product too, so if you have a question or need some help, just ask.

If you do happen to pick up some goodies and create a little sumthin-sumthin , let me know - I'd love to see it!


Szarka said...

Ah you are too kind darling. You don't mention that I traveled not in a caravan but in a flaming pink school bus named Floyd.



pammyjo said...

I just found your blog. It is inspiring and your art pieces are very creative. Love it. Will be visiting often.