Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Teaser Art

These , my friends , are snippets of my very first altered book. It snuck up to my backdoor over the weekend , and once I finally broke into it my eye's popped. It had been mentioned my book was getting thick , but I was un-prepared for just HOW thick! I'm pretty jazzed believe me! I'm not only jazzed , I'm smug - you'd think I was single-handedly responsible for stuffing the thing - but , I am not. The girls in the RR did such beautiful work and I am thrilled not only by that , but by the stuffage in my copper pockets - I got a whole stack o' stuff , and what with being me and all I REALLY LOVE THAT! ! !

I sent it out un-bound because I wanted to bind it after all was said and done (good thing too) , so I won't show you the whole book until I'm done. And I won't be done until I'm through creating a couple of fabric panels/artworks , because I will affix those at the same time I bind. And after I bind , I'm sure I'll need to adorn it , because that's become a pretty broad expanse of spine lol. If I go with my current plan (which I might not - 's'not over til the fat lady sings) the spine is six inches wide.

Yeppers - six inches.

And just as a bonus , here's a quick snip of the panel I'm working on , which I'm kinda diggin'. I'm playing , big time. Well - big time for me. I really enjoy rending fabric lol.


Lori said...

ho my gosh!!! that book is HUGE, i can't imagine how you are going to hold it together...the panel you are working on looks so wonderful, what i can SEE of it:) bigger peek next time:)

Dawn said...

Truly amazing, that is so cool - I am smiling looking at it because it would make me smile if it were mine. Enjoy looking at it, I am sure you will often!!!!

Val F. said...

I love your panel, it's beautiful. No wonder you're diggin' it. And it's hard to find the right word to describe that beautiful book. What a treasure, you must be thrilled. I can't wait till it's done and you post it.

Val Foster