Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A very special auction

I wanted to take a few minutes and let you know about something that really touched me this morning. A friend of mine has a mother-in-law diagnosed with Alzheimers , and I know from personal experience what this can mean. She's been busy creating some art pieces and is auctioning them off on her blog, Average American Girl. Her earnings will be donated to Memory Walk and you can read all about how to bid , and if you win donate that bid , on her blog.
I was so moved by Christy's generous little heart today. I hope you stop by and participate if you can. It's painful to live with - the parent you know so well is not the grandparent your kids come to know , and so many things get lost in the course of the disease. My mom loved kids , but she has no relationship to speak of with mine. A lot of times it's the little things that bother me , like how mom fries chicken or bit's of family history that she knew. She used to be the Keeper in my family. She had all the stories and all the photos , and she had some great recipes too.
When my mother had a mastectomy two years ago , she had to be taken back to the ER no less than 3 times , because she kept ripping her shunt out. When she woke up in the morning she didn't know why she hurt so much or why her breast was gone - I had to explain it to her , and then we both cried. She was in tears because she knew she should have known why, and it frightened her that she didn't - and I cried for the same reason. It broke my heart.
Most of the time with us it's not like that , most of the time it's like caring for another child , at least to me. But sometimes it's bad. And it scares me , because my sibs and I may have the same problems. We really don't know - her sibs don't. I look at my son and I wonder , who will care for him?
So - I put my bid in at Christy's blog. I hope I don't win.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gemstone , anyone?

I thought I'd share a site I enjoy shopping - you can find it here , at Magpie Gemstones.
It's owned by a woman who goes by the name of Szarka , a name I've never forgotten even once, and I'm reeeeeally bad at remembering names lol.

Her name made me think of caravans and firelight - it sounds very Romany to me.'Magpie' makes me think of, well, magpies. There's more than a few in my family tree, believe me. As it turns out , she and her husband really were gypsy's for quite a while - they used to travel their own circuit of gemshows and lived on the road for several years, so I was right. Instink, as my friend Eddy would say.

I found my coral and tiger iron there, but she's got tons more and consequently, so do I lol. Laugh or cry, what to do what to do...anyway, she tries very hard to bring home only the best for her customers to select from and she does a pretty darn good job. Yes I do know her and no I'm not getting paid to send anyone over (darnit) - but hey. If you're looking , drop in and see what's available. She's knowledgeable about her product too, so if you have a question or need some help, just ask.

If you do happen to pick up some goodies and create a little sumthin-sumthin , let me know - I'd love to see it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


You may not remember this , but back in whenever Fathers Day is , I posted the Manlace. With my usual 20/20 hindsight , I've reconsidered. I'll wear the Manlace - cuz I can walk the walk baby - and I'm going to buy him a gun safe. Or something.
Poor guy. The things he puts up with lol.
At least I wasn't deeply into tussie-mussies.

Friday, September 5, 2008

'Allo , ladies!

Anybody else love school? I do. I love it a LOT. And so much more now that I'm not the one that has to go lol. The silence here was so resounding both my ears were actually ringing that first day. No games , no tv , no gang of eight-year-olds wearing bandannas around their heads while they made less than lovely music to that horrible hideous horrible game , Rock Band. It's been a wonderful summer , but man - silence really is golden and there has been very little of it 'round here , my friends.

I have managed to get some art time in though - every spare second I've had has been spent learning how to create jewelry , and this piece above is a necklace I did last Sunday , made with coral and tiger iron (lovely little stone). The bad news is this is all I can show you - the good new is that's because the other pieces will be in an upcoming book on jewelry , slated to be pub'd next fall!
I'm still somewhere between happy and horrified - but doing better than the panic attacks I had when I was first asked to participate , lol. "How optimistic of you" , thought I to myself."And here I was just hoping it wouldn't disintegrate if I blew on it. You're sure you'd like me to submit for your book?"

Ah well. It's a story with a happy ending , although there was some frustration there in the middle a couple of times. :) I was flattered to be asked and proud to be included , and along the way I've discovered just how much I enjoy making jewelry. I'm still developing my skills, but I've got some very cool idea's I'd like to work on so you can expect to see plenty more pieces as I move along.

Later babes - I'm off to feed the masses. But tomorrow my boys will both be gone for the day and I can play again. I think , lol.