Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well. . .hmn.

My blog is at last lighter and brighter , but there's still some sprucing up to do. Plus it does that neat scrolly thing down the middle now - I have no idea why since all I changed was the background , but hey - Cool!

If anyone's looking for a quick and easy blog makeover , head to Banner of Blessings. She's got some of the cutest banners and provides links to other sites and information too , all fo' free! I got my new background from The Background Fairy , which I found there as well. I'm adding both links to the sidebar on the right so we can find them again!

Eventually I'd like to create my own banner and background , but today was again - not that day. It may never be that day at the rate I'm going , but a girl can dream...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ron & Joanna Pierrotti

need some help. Ron's MRI results came back showing a massive brain tumor , and he requires immediate surgery. Unfortunately Ron like many others was laid off by his employers months ago and they no longer have an income , let alone insurance. Both Ron and Jo have had many medical struggles in recent years , Ron with previous brain tumors and Joanna with breast cancer. In this case if Ron doesn't get surgery within the month , he will die.

To read and understand more of the story , visit Joanna's Art Journal

If you're able to make a donation of any amount , I know both Jo and Ron would be enormously grateful. Clicking on the title of this post will take you to site created especially for them by friends hoping to help them through this. If you can't donate now , remember you can come back a bit later when you do feel able. The medical bills will be rolling in for quite some time.

On behalf of Ron & Jo - thank you , and God bless.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I just wanted to give a shout out to my fellow Angry Americans participating in a nationwide Tea Party today - we support you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

I recently received a communication from one of my credit card holders , inquiring as to whether I'd like to pay an escalated APR of 11% because of 'changes in our business practices'. I can refuse and remain at 5% - or at least that's what the letter says - but if I do that , I will not be able to actually use the card. If I use it , the APR will immediately re-set at the 11% rate. So correct me if I'm wrong here - but didn't my taxpayer dollar just bail your lame a$$ out? And correct me again if necessary , but - aren't you now asking me to pay back the debt you showed up with BELLS on to ask for? What do YOU think my answer's going to be , stupid?

I do not appreciate condescending speeches about how I need to 'tighten my belt' and 'learn to live within my means' while entire corporations that have never heard that particular gem of wisdom are bailed out on my dime. I already do that , because if I didn't do that I'd lose my power , or lose my car , or lose my home. We manage to pay all our bills , buy the clothes for the kids that keep growing , keep the cats fed and pay for the food that has become darn near a luxury item , and by that point my belt is plenty tight enough , thank you. I've actually got some familiarity with what it's like to live within a budget - ya know why? Because I actually do it , day in and day out. We don't have a large fancy house that we can't afford - we have a house that's a little small for us , that we own. Round of applause , please. Nevertheless , we will be helping all those who did choose to buy more house than they could afford pay for the privilege of living someplace we *can't*. Sweeeeeet.

I'm sick and tired of paying the price for failure's that weren't mine - failure of our government in enacting asinine feel-good legislation 10 years ago that we're paying for now , failure to read the fine print on your own mortgage , bail-outs we'll be paying for the rest of our lives and our children's too , failure of corporations to run their own companies in a sensible manner , and the failure of our elected officials to love their own country enough to safegaurd the principles we were founded on. I'm angry , and I've been angry for a very long time.

And we are paying the price - we're paying with higher food costs , higher interest rates , loss of pay from the company that can't afford to pay more than X amount of hours a week , or can't afford to offer health insurance anymore. Or maybe they just can't afford to pay you , period. Done. We are all paying the price , but most of us didn't have much left to give , and not all of us get to vote on giving ourselves a hefty little raise to tide us over for - what , again? A job well done , was it?


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wishing all a Joyous Easter

Thought I'd share one of my older chalkware pieces. Chalkware is made by pouring plaster into molds , and then painting the casting. This was made several years ago from a particularly sweet Anton Reiche chocolate mold. I collected antique chocolate molds for many years , and this has always been one of my favorites , *s*. It's hard to see I think , but the shell has been sugared with my favorite clear glass glitter.

Have a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

flowers in the rain

The afternoon I spent creating this set was the most peaceful I’ve had in a very long time. The rain and wind were beating against the windows, but inside I was warm and dry with the music playing quietly in the background. Have you ever felt like your day took a little step to the left of reality? That’s how I felt – a bit surreal, daydreaming an afternoon away while another spring shower blew by.

When I look at this set, I see a tiny garden of pink buds and green leaves behind an old iron gate, and hear the rain scattering drops that reflect back all the colors around them. It evokes that feeling of separation I had that afternoon , and reminds me to find that place more often. And I will try to *s*.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A spring bracelet for my sister Susan , a glass artist who lives north of me in Bothell. She also holds a full time job in the pharmaceutical dep't. at Evergreen Hospital , where I had my son. This one incorporates moonstone , aventurine , lavender jade and keshi pearls.
She'd returned one to me a month or so ago that was too small , and had wanted it re-sized - I took a bit of artistic license , and re-made the whole thing , *s*. I hope she likes it , lol.
Surprise , sister mine :)

luv you , and see you soon